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The JOMOcast with Christina Crook

Sep 18, 2019

This season we are talking about the two elements of Joy: Well-being and Success. Success is the achievement of goals, whatever they are. Well-being is having a positive relationship with our abilities and our limits, whatever they are. We need to miss out on some things to get there. Some beliefs. Some habits. Some hustle. All the FOMO.




This week, we’re releasing two special JOMOcast episodes with guests from Fireside Conference: an offline conference for techies.


First up, Peter Katz.


When Peter - a Juno-nominated musician - showed up for a sold-out concert in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, he’d get a job offer that would change his life forever. Instead of hustling year-round as a creator, he now spends an entire month each year unplugged from touring, from the city, from the non-stop pressure to produce, in order to invest in the lives of teens building resilience in the mountains. It was a risky choice - one that could have jeopardized his career but, instead catalyzed his career and his life.


Key takeaways from our conversation:


- The joy of missing out on personal gain to invest deeply in others

- Letting go of predictability to embrace work that brings you LIFE

- Consciously choosing to trade the noise and hustle of the city for the silence of the mountains


Topics covered:

- The traps of personal branding

- The freedom and joy of outward focus

- For communities to thrive we all need to elevate each other and we can’t do that if we are isolating ourselves

- It takes time to process feelings

- The “wow” factor: the importance of curiosity



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Favorite Quotes


“There are no bad kids, only sad kids.”


“I would not choose the Air Canada Centre [the biggest venue in Canada] over that experience. Not a million years. And this is not the direction I thought I would take as a singer/songwriter.”


“Everything GOOD in my life is rooted in saying yes to that.”



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