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The JOMOcast with Christina Crook

Sep 18, 2019

This season we are talking about the two elements of Joy: Well-being and Success. Success is the achievement of goals, whatever they are. Well-being is having a positive relationship with our abilities and our limits, whatever they are. We need to miss out on some things to get there. Some beliefs. Some habits. Some hustle. All the FOMO.




This week, we’re releasing two special JOMOcast episodes with guests from Fireside Conference: an offline conference for techies.


Meet Jessica Brunette and Payam Shalchian.


Payam, a former management consultant working 70-hour weeks, had little time for the things that supported his well-being, namely his relationships - especially with his wife Jessica - but also with his extended family and friends. Payam would wake up, as many of you do, to a flood of email messages demanding his attention. By nightfall, the pressure wouldn’t let up. When Jess’s sister and brother-in-law shared their vision for opening a bed and breakfast in the country, Jess and Payam were captivated -- by the idea of living in community, and by the freedom to experiment and play. Now co-owners of the Edward Bed and Breakfast, the foursome co-live in the wilds of Ontario’s Prince Edward County. My husband Michael and I spoke with Jess and Payam on our anniversary in September sitting around a picnic table at Camp Walden.


We heard how this couple made the choice to slow down and the dividends it’s paid to their well-being, marriage, and all-round satisfaction with life.


Topics covered:

- Hustle till you make it? Reddit's co-founder says putting work above all else could be 'toxic.’ - CNBC

- Realities and true costs of round-the-clock professions

- Going through hard things can make for good outcomes

- Power in relying on other people

- Anxiety about doing one thing

- Leaning into someone else’s vision

- Power of community

- Freedom to experiment



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Favorite Quotes


“And we said, “Hey, let’s move in, all 5 of us, what could go wrong?”



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