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The JOMOcast with Christina Crook

Oct 16, 2019

Cristian Villamarin and Alanna Harvey are the creative minds behind Flipd, the app that demonstrates how digital well-being and productivity are naturally compatible- and how JOMO is not about turning your back on tech, but changing your relationship to it to one that’s intentional, healthy, and positive.


Flipd is a productivity package that includes social interaction, education, and tools that don’t just help users stop wasting their time on unintentional phone use, but also reinforce, motivate, and support. 


As they promote Flipd, Cristian and Alanna have seen tech addiction rear its ugly head- there’s surprising resistance to aids like Flipd from people who need it the most. In the end, helping users achieve success- however they define it- and emphasizing reinforcement and a supportive culture win fans over.


Topics covered:

  • Launching and leading a successful start-up while holding space for active hobbies and relationships outside of work
  • Building healthy tech habits as a couple (they have some awesome suggestions)
  • Importance of HOW you build a business (at least as important as WHY) 
  • Framing behavioral change positively is always more effective
  • Phone and tech addiction provokes the same defensive, self-defeating mechanisms as other addictions
  • Letting people stay in control and being respectful of their goals works better than coercion
  • A supportive, accountable community is often what people seeking behavior change yearn for the most
  • Maximizing feedback, measurement, and metrics helps people clearly define and stay motivated to be intentional about their phones



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Favorite Quotes

“We’re very focused on time well spent and the activities people are doing- whatever time well spent means to you: studying, sleeping, exercising, we all have a different definition, but it’s setting the intention, “I’m going to put my phone away to do X.”


“I spoke an educator the other day who’s calling his 2008-2014 teaching years his golden years, and that everything since then has just completely fallen apart… no one is engaged, students are coming to class not answering questions… he’s a great teacher but literally can’t get people to not use their phones.”



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